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Whether you have a rug in your home or office, Dust Busters is your trusted and reliable companion for all your rug cleaning needs. We offer extensive cleaning services by our certified rug cleaners who will clean your rugs with utmost sincerity, transforming your rugs in its original state like the way it was newly purchased.

A fair assessment is being provided by our certified cleaning technicians for your rug, as well as recommend additional cleaning alternatives, such as topical treatments, rug padding for protecting your rug and floors, and alterations, which include authentic hand repair and reconstruction by certified artisans. This includes a free estimate and a suggested tour of our Rug Care Center.

Saving of costs give you a potential reason to pursue Dust Busters excellency. Amazing discounts can be availed if you bring your rugs to our Rug Care Center.

As a leading provider of the service around the Flint, MI area, we make use of the latest equipment and techniques which include vacuuming for the deep cleansing of your rugs gently that removes the ingrained soils, brings the colors back to life and retain the soft textures, each time you recall from when they were new. We offer pick-up & delivery services within and around MI regions. We also repair your rugs to get back into its original shape for preserving the value and more significantly offering you many more decades of enjoyment. No repair or damage is too big or small for us to take care of.

We also apply a deodorizer to your rug for the elimination of odors and restore freshness to an effective bright appearance of your rug. With the efficacy in delivering quality, our rug cleaning service Flint and repair processes have been identified by our customers to be preferred as the top-notch service provider as compared to others.

We have a friendly and attentive staff, all time ready to answer your phone calls and in fact, ready to give you a free estimate of the services that you look for. If you are searching for a trusted brand, it’s none other than Dust Busters, a name to remember for safer cleaner and restoration services for all your residential and commercial property.